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Select & Use Citation Generation & Management Tools: Citation Generation & Management

Guide Contents

You will want to choose the types of citation generator based on the type of project you are working on.

The Citations in Library Databases tab shows how to generate simple citations internally from the library databases.

The Basic Citation Generators tab provides a list of citation generators good for a small project.

The Zotero tab provides information about the Zotero citation management system.  This system is best for research project organization and managing large numbers of citations. 


Citation Generators

Citation Generators can help you create Reference pages, and in some cases, in-text citations.  Most citation generators will allow you to enter, import, or download citation data.  Some will allow you to electronically store and organization citations, choose a citation style, and generate the citation for you.

  • Citation Generators are not always programmed to generate complex citations from less frequently used sources.  
  • Citation Generators range from free online programs to more complex programs that you need to create an account for.
  • Citation Generators can provide you with a great way to organize your research and generate basic citations for you to proofread prior to submitting your paper.
  • CSU-Global recommends you proofread all citations after generation to make sure they are correct.