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Smarthinking Tutoring

As a CSU Global student, you are able to utilize Smarthinking Tutoring Services. Smarthinking is CSU-Global’s free, web-based tutoring service that can be accessed by selecting the “Smarthinking Portal” option below. You can also access Smarthinking in the left-hand menu of your online courses or through your student portal.

Smarthinking Information

With Smarthinking, you can submit questions for tutor response and you are able to work directly with tutors via scheduled or drop in sessions in the following disciplines: Math, Science, Computers & Technology, Writing, Business, Spanish, and Career Writing & Interviewing. You also have the option to submit an assignment for review and receive feedback in areas such as grammar, content development and organization.
  • When students begin with CSU Global, they are provided with 600 Smarthinking tutoring minutes. Every time you utilize a different tutoring resource, it will deduct from this amount. Once you have below 200 tutoring minutes remaining, please contact your Student Advisor to request more tutoring minutes - additional tutoring minutes will be added within 48 business hours.
  • To track your remaining tutoring minutes available, from the Smarthinking homepage, select your name > Manage My Account > Usage Details.
  • There is no additional charge to add tutoring minutes and you can add minutes as often as needed over the duration of your coursework.
  • Live tutoring sessions in certain subjects such as accounting or math are very popular. We recommend that you schedule sessions with a tutor in advance whenever possible. This will ensure that you receive support when you need it most. You can book sessions up to two weeks in advance.
  • Smarthinking strives to respond to tutoring questions and return assignments submitted for review within 24 hours. This turnaround can be delayed during holidays or times when tutoring services are in high demand (like the end of a term).
  • For additional information about Smarthinking visit the Student Help Center in your student portal. From your portal homepage, select the “Student Help Center” option from the left menu and then select “Tutoring.”

Smarthinking Portal