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MGT 315: Company Profiles & Legal News

Overview of Company Information

Public vs Private Companies

It is easier to find information about public companies (those that sell stock to shareholders) than about private companies (those that are privately owned by an individual or a group).  When looking for information about a company, consider both information from the company itself (e.g. the company website, SEC filings, press releases) as well as information about the company written by others (e.g. newspaper articles, articles by professors).

Finding information about a company includes the following steps:

blue check mark imageGet an overview of the company, find out if it is private or public

blue check mark imageFind the company website and review it carefully--especially the sections for investors or media/press

  • PUBLIC:  find relevant 10K and 10Q reports and annual reports to shareholders
  • PUBLIC: Search for analyst and brokerage reports; these sometimes contain a SWOT analysis
  • PRIVATE: Search for news, magazine and other periodical articles for information.  
  • Identify competitors

Legal News

Search for news about the company from the following databases:

Library Databases for Profiles

From the main search page, be sure to choose Company Information. Use the drop-down menu to look for company profiles; analyst reports, mergers and acquisitions; or SEC filings. 

screen shot demonstating company information and dropdown

blue check mark imageFind Financials, Subsidiaries, Products, Executives, Industry and More in the middle of the screen

blue check mark imageLocate related information such as SWOT Analysis, Country Reports, Market Research Reports and More on the left side of the screen