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Economics: Journals & Databases


Image of Scholarly Journals

Scholarly, Peer-Reviewed Journals in the following databases are highly-specialized sources for your research.  Journal articles are written by experts, are typically around 5-20 pages in length and usually focus on conducting or discussing original research in a specific field.

Individual Journals

Search individual journals for topics by choosing a journal and then "search within this publication".

American Economic Review image

American Economic Review: AEA's flagship journal; 1911- Current with a 24 month embargo

Quarterly Journal of Economics image

Quarterly Journal of Economics: Oldest professional journal of economics; 1886 - Current with a 12 month embargo


Review of Economic Studies image

Review of Economic StudiesFounded in 1933 by a group of young British and American Economists; 1965 - Current with a 12 month embargo


Journal of Political Economy image

Journal of Political Economy: Provides significant research in economic theory and practice; 1965 - Current with a 12 month embargo


Journal of Economic Literature Image

Journal of Economic Literature: Designed to help economists keep abreast of the vast flow of literature; 1969- Current with a 24 month embargo


journal of economic perspectives image

Journal of Economic Perspectives: Fills a gap between general interest press and other academic journals; 1987-Current