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CSU Global Writing Center: APA7 Discussion Board Posts

Discussion Board Posts

In this section, you'll find resources on writing Discussion Board Posts.

Writing a Discussion Board Post

Keep the following tips in mind when constructing posts for Discussion Boards:

  • When posting responses and engaging with your classmates, ask questions that expand and continue the conversation. Dig deeper into the topic and ideas to gain further understanding and insight into the thoughts and perspectives of others.
  • You are expected to express your own thoughts and analysis regarding the topic or discussion question/prompt. Your posting(s) should incorporate information from credible sources to support your statements. In-text citations, as well as references, must be met in all posts when required by the course or the instructor.
  • Be sure to check the discussion rubric to ensure you are meeting expectations.

If you have questions about the type of discussion post or specifics about your assignment, please consult your instructor.

Sample Discussion Board Post

This sample post will help you get started with your assignment.