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Getting Started



How do I contact a librarian for research help?

From the CSU-Global Library homepage, click on “Get Help.” From there, you navigate to Ask Us for contact information, view tutorials or videos, find subject guides, and more. 



Does the CSU-Global Library have a copy of my textbook?

If a reading is assigned from the CSU-Global Library it will be linked in your course. The Library does not collect textbooks assigned by your instructors. Oftentimes, the first week’s readings will be available in your course shell in the Course Information - Textbook Reserve folder. Visit the CSU-Global Bookstore to purchase textbooks for your courses.



How do I find peer-reviewed articles about my topic?

To locate individual databases, click on “Collections” under the "Find It" dropdown. Here you can locate articles in a number of ways. You can also find your desired database from the A-Z Database list.



How do I cite this in APA?

CSU-Global created a Guide to Writing and APA that will help you cite books, journal articles, and websites.



Where can I find a template for my assignment?

From the top right-hand side of the CSU-Global Library homepage click on Writing Center. Select the "APA Resources" button. Choose the "Templates & Examples" tab will lead you to a number of assignment templates.


Finding Materials



How do I find a book in the CSU-Global Library?

CSU-Global provides students access to thousands of Ebook titles and we offer a number of ways to retrieve books. Search Quick Search from the library’s homepage or click “Find It” and then select the Ebooks link.



How do I find out if CSU-Global has access to a specific journal?

Search Ebsco Discovery Service from the library’s homepage or click “Find It” and then select the Journal Finder link.



Is there a way to use Google to search for scholarly articles?

Yes, CSU-Global registered our full-text holdings with Google Scholar. Click “Find It” and then select the Google Scholar link.



What are peer-reviewed articles?

Peer review is a process used by experts to assess the validity, quality, and sometimes originality of articles for publication. Based on their assessment, scholars on a review panel can recommend publication within a specific peer-reviewed journal. Peer-reviewed articles and research are often considered to be the most authoritative analysis available in most disciplines.



How do I locate peer-reviewed articles?

Many library databases contain a combination of peer-reviewed articles and other articles of interest to professionals within a given field. To limit your search to only peer-reviewed articles, run an initial search in a specific database or Quick Search. Then, look for limiters (often on the left or right side of the screen) that offer the option to select “peer review”, “scholarly”, or “academic” sources. Sometimes, there will also be a limiter to find articles that contain references or a bibliography. Remember to evaluate any article from databases for peer-reviewed features (such as an abstract, references, etc).



Where can I find information about a company?

Publicly traded company information is located in a few different databases including Business Source Complete, ABI/Inform, Nexis Uni and possibly more.



Where can I find information about an industry?

Look for industry codes to single out which industry you want to research. For industry in the U. S., there are two coding systems: NAICS and SIC. Additionally, companies listed in the database Business Sources Complete should contain industry codes as well as industry information.



How do I access an article that is not available full-text through the CSU-Global Library?

The CSU-Global Library has a document delivery service where we attempt to borrow materials available in electronic format from another library on your behalf.



Does the library have a mobile site and/or apps?

The CSU-Global Library’s website is mobile friendly, but many databases are easier to use on mobile devices via apps specifically developed by database vendors. Our A-Z database list includes mobile icons next to databases that have apps.


Research Help



How can I narrow my search results?

You can add keywords to the search field or use limiters “Refine Your Results” by “Subject:Thesaurus Terms” to narrow your search by the Subject Headings assigned to each article.



Does the CSU-Global Library have any guides or tutorials to help me search a database?

The CSU-Global Library created several tutorials to help you use EBSCO and ProQuest research databases. Other tutorials include Source Selection & Evaluation, a Library Tour, and Writing & Citing in APA.



How do I get help from a librarian outside regular business hours?

You can chat with a librarian 24/7 by clicking on the chat icon located on the CSU-Global Library home page.


Writing Help



Who can help me write or revise my paper?

The CSU-Global Writing Center supports students through one-on-one tutoring and resources designed to strengthen students' academic reading, writing, critical thinking, and research skills.



How do I format citations for my paper in APA style?

CSU-Global created a Guide to Writing and APA that will help you cite books, journal articles, and websites.




Does the CSU-Global Writing Center have any guides or tutorials to help me with writing?

The CSU-Global Writing Center has tutorials covering a wide range of writing concepts. You can find these by navigating to the Writing Center and selecting a topic.