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  •   Google Scholar
    The CSU-Global Library has registered our full-text journal holdings with Google Scholar. Follow the instructions here to link the CSU-Global Library to your Google Scholar searches and find full-text articles available through our databases.


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Scholarly books contain authoritative information and can provide background or contextual information and related research on a topic. Oftentimes, a book chapter, rather than an entire book, can be explored for relevant research. In some instances, books can take years to publish and therefore are not always the best sources of information for very current topics.


The CSU-Global Library purchases Ebooks from several publishers and vendors, and each platform varies. Some allow one user at a time or prevent book downloading.


Best Bet Ebook Databases

The CSU-Global Library offers a number of different Ebook collections that contain different topics:



Additional Ebook Resources


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Scholarly videos contain authoritative information on a topic. They are not considered peer-reviewed sources. Use videos to gain background or contextual information on a topic. They may also provide more in-depth information depending on the video.


Best Bet Video Databases

The CSU-Global Library subscribes to a number of different streaming media collections that contain different topics:


Additional Resources


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Newspapers and newswires are good resources for current events although they are not considered "scholarly." Additionally, newspapers have editorial sections in which they present written opinion. While these editorials may be edited, they do not go through a strict review process. These are good sources to use if you need to see how a certain population feels about an issue. Newspapers have sections that do in-depth reporting, but you must look carefully at what is being said in the article to distinguish these articles from editorials.


Newspaper Databases

The CSU-Global Library subscribes to a number of different newspaper collections that contain different topics:


Additional Resources


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Data & Statistics


The CSU-Global Library recommends a number of different sources of data, datasets, and statistics. This list is not intended to be comprehensive.


General Resources

Websites and databases recommended by the CSU-Global Library for data and statistics:


  •   Pew Research Center
    Pew Research Center is a nonpartisan fact tank that informs the public about the issues, attitudes and trends shaping the world. They conduct public opinion polling, demographic research, content analysis and other data-driven social science research.

  • increases public access to high value, machine readable datasets generated by the Executive Branch of the federal government.

  •   Quandl
    Offers a free platform with hundreds of free datasets from "central banks, exchanges, brokerages, governments, statistical agencies, think-tanks, academics, research firms and more. Use Sign Up to create a free account on the site in order to download data.

    StatSci offers a long list of links to data sets for teaching, as well as other resources on statistics.

  •   Google Public Data Explorer
    Create visualizations of publicly available data from Google. Includes data from international organizations, national statistical offices, non-governmental organizations, and research institutions.

  •   Wolfram Data Repository
    Contains an expanding collection of computable datasets, curated, and structured for immediate use in computation, visualization, and analysis.

  •   Sage Research Methods
    Choose from over 150 datasets using data from real research, designed to support the teaching and independent learning of data analysis techniques.


Additional Resources



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Legal Research


The CSU-Global Library hosts a number of resources for court cases and legal research:


Case Law

Materials concerning case law from state and federal databases:






  •   Nexis Uni
    Nexis Uni features more than 15,000 news, business and legal sources from LexisNexis (including U.S. Supreme Court decisions dating back to 1790).
  •   Google Scholar
    Google Scholar has a national case law database containing a partial database of state and federal case law.
  •   FindLaw
    FindLaw offers a mix of cases, statutes, legal news, a lawyer directory, an online career center and community-oriented tools such as mailing lists and message boards.
  •   Legal Information Institute
    The Legal Information Institute (LII) publishes electronic versions of core materials in numerous areas of the law, primarily online. They range from the Constitution to the U.S. Code, from Supreme Court decisions to the Code of Federal Regulations as well as the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, Bankruptcy Procedure, and Criminal Procedure.


Legal and Congressional Material

Resources for legal and congressional research and policy:








  •   ProQuest Congressional
    Accesses a comprehensive collection of congressional publications.
  •   Legal Information Reference Center
    Full-text publications from Nolo and thousands of official legal forms; 1999-current; constructs bibliography in APA citation style.
  •   Justia
    Justia provides free case law, codes, regulations and legal information for lawyers, businesses, students, and consumers world-wide.
  •   The Public Library of Law
    This resource includes cases from the U.S. Supreme Court and Courts of Appeals, cases from all 50 states back to 1997, federal statutory law and codes from all 50 states, regulations, court rules, constitutions, and more.
  •   Supreme Court of the United States
    This website is a wealth of information about the court and the cases its hears including opinions back to 1991, oral argument audio and transcripts, various case documents, and information about the court and its rules.
  •   Directory of State Court Web Sites
    The National Center for State Courts (NCSC) is a non-profit organization charged with improving judicial administration in the U.S. and around the world. It functions as a think-tank, library, non-profit consulting firm for the courts, advocate for judicial and legislative reform, and a center of education in the field of judicial administration.
  •   Oyez: U.S. Supreme Court Media
    Recordings of oral arguments from leading constitutional law cases. New recordings are added approximately 10 months following the term in which the cases were argued. Coverage from 1955 to present, (pre-1995 coverage is selective).


Additional Resources