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Use this guide to help you navigate criminology resources needed for research in your courses at CSU-Global.

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Criminology Research

Criminology draws on research from a variety of disciplines including:
  • Scholars (such as those writing peer-reviewed journal articles on behavior),
  • Legal officials (such as lawyers who debate how crime is punishable), 
  • Public officials (such as law enforcement leaders) and
  • News sources (such as public opinion polls and newspapers).

For the majority of this course (and your program at CSU-Global) you will be asked to exchange ideas and participate in scholarly conversations via an academic dialog

While you may pull ideas or research inspiration from topics in news sources and provide evidence from sources produced by legal and public officials, the majority of your literature research will happen via peer-reviewed journal articles.  In each research instance, it will be your job to determine how to use these resources in tandem with one another.

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