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HUM 101: Module 3 Assignment

Assignment Topics

Choosing an appropriate, researchable topic is an important first step in the research process.  

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Your instructor has provided the following topics for consideration but these topics need to be narrowed:

-- health

--climate change

--U.S. foreign policy

--United Nations

--undocumented workers

--unions and minimum wage

Choosing a Topic

Consider the following factors to help you narrow your topic:

  • Time: Limit the time span of your topic. For example, you could limit Affordable Care Act research to information from the past two years; not the debate leading up to the Act.  Or, you could look at U.S. foreign policy during the 1990's.

  • Population: Limit by age, sex, race, occupation, ethnic group or species.  For example, you could limit research to how climate change affects polar bears or how the United Nations has played a role in empowering women.

  • Location: Location can help you limit by topic (and sometimes population).  For example, you could examine undocumented workers in Florida or how U.S. Policy is affecting current events in Syria.

  • One Aspect: Consider just one piece of a larger subject.  For example, you could look at how certain cities across the country are raising the minimum wage.

Still stuck?  Try the Idea Generator!

Databases for Starting Research